Types of Vacations for Everyone

Vacation does not mean the same thing to all people. For some, it is a time to kick back, sleep excessively, and relax as much as possible. For others, a vacation is all about cramming as much activity as humanly possible into the time allotted. In any case, if you have time and some extra money, you should take a vacation.  Most business minded people who go on vacation tend to bring their small business phones with them, which can be disastrous.  There have been countless occasions when a husband neglects the family because he brings his work on vacation.  Avoid this mistake and enjoy your free time with your family.  No matter your activity level or lack thereof, there are several different types of vacations to suit every taste.

A staycation is the cheapest, and sometimes most fun, type of vacation. You don’t have to pack, book flights, or worry about housekeeping bursting into your suite at dawn. On a staycation, you stay at home. Those wishing to relax can book a day at a local spa or laze around the public pool. The high-energy crowd may decide to tackle a series of day trips to nearby sights or experiences they have never had time to explore fully.

If staying at home sounds like a drag, destination vacations are popular. However, they are also the most expensive option, requiring flights, house-sitting, pet-sitting, and hotel accommodations. A method for keeping costs low is by checking out  websites for travel discounts on New York City vacation rentals. The air ticket isn’t the only price you have to watch out for though. Passport and visa fees to enter foreign countries can also be costly. No matter where you decide to go, you alone control the level of activities in which you participate. Places like New York are very popular around August because the weather is great, not too hot, and very accommodating.  San Francisco, on the West Coast, is better in September and October when Indian Summers kick in.

A visitcation is another increasingly-popular vacation. Have cousins in Florida? They have awesome beaches so bring your bathing suits. How about your old college room-mate in Michigan? It can get cold there, so bring your Burton jackets. Go visiting! You can catch up on all the latest gossip, see old friends and family, and see a new place- all at once.

Whether you are the type of person who leaps out of bed at dawn on vacation, or like to sleep until the afternoon, these three vacation options will keep you as busy, or as free, as you decide you’d like to be.

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